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Alumni Profiles

Mark Albertson: Journalist & TV Producer

Urban Studies allowed me to leverage my writing and research skills to build one of tech industry's first government relations programs in the 1980s.

Will Allen: Nonprofit Executive

I oversee an array of programs focused on our dual charter of environmental protection and economic development.

Martin Bernal: City Manager

Being able to help elected officials make and implement decisions is the one of the most satisfying aspects of city management.

Cara Bertron: Historic Preservation Officer

Urban Studies provided a broad base of understanding the complexity of city function and change. Over the last almost 15 years, that foundation has helped me to skate between municipal work, advocacy, quantitative analysis and mapping, collaborative policy creation, and community development at the neighborhood, citywide, and regional levels.

Brian V. Canada: Parking & Transportation Coordinator

Professor Fred Stout taught a seminar back in 1994-95 that required us to prepare a short paper and presentation for every class meeting. I didn't realize it until years later, but that class -- among others I'm sure -- prepared me to be one of the top performers in our department in terms of resolving customer complaints and producing high customer satisfaction via well-written email responses.

Stephanie Fagliano: Clinical Social Worker

Urban Studies deepened my understanding of systemic injustice and prepared me to work for social change through a Master of Social Work.

Sarah Garmisa: Public Policy Consultant

I love working at a social impact consulting firm because I get to learn every single day, like I never left school. I love our public sector clients because together we create systems change to improve conditions for the most vulnerable among us.

Tiffany Griego: Real Estate Asset Managing Director

The benefit of the Urban Studies major is the systematic exploration of diverse topics involved in land use and real estate, which at one point I counted could have led to over 30 distinct career paths.

Brad Jacobson: Green Architect

I am passionate about sustainable design and the environment generally.

Xanthe Jory: Charter School Founder

I take the arts very seriously. I believe arts education is critical to human development and learning. The Bronx Art School is founded on this principle.

Jane Lopez : Sociologist

Urban studies provided me with a crucial interdisciplinary foundation that has helped me study, evaluate, and address many social issues from many different angles.

Dale Margolin: Youth Advocate

I felt that the best way for me to try to help foster children was to become a lawyer. It most suits my skills and personality. Although I never thought of myself as a teacher, I am enjoying this new, additional role, and it is making me a better advocate!

Sophie Martin: Real Estate Strategy and Urban Planning Manager

Urban Studies provided me with the solid interdisciplinary background necessary to tackle the ever-changing dynamics of the built environment.

Stefan Norgaard: Graduate Student

Courses taught by Professor Clayton Nall (American Transportation Politics), Michael Rosenfeld (Urban Underclass), Danno Glanz (Urban Design), and Thomas Hansen (Global Urbanism) remain front of mind as I embark on study and practice at the intersection of critical urban theory, politics, power, and development.

Philip Olmstead: Transportation Consultant

Urban Studies helped formed my interest and got me my start. I am one of the rare few who is doing their undergrad major. It started with Fred Stout's intro class and moved to a studio with Gerry Gast. I learned to write. I learned to examine the built environment differently than how I had always seen it growing up in suburban California. The technical skills came later from this strong foundation.

Eva Orbuch: Community Organizer in Education

Urban Studies helped me think in an interdisciplinary way and handle lots of different information. It allowed me to study very relevant topics to the work I wanted to do practically in the world.

Julianne Stern: Affordable Housing Director

I like to solve hard problems to get to an outcome that means something! I get to work on challenges from persuading planning staff and City Councils, to negotiating complex legal agreements, to managing a construction team.