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Featured Student

Pablo Haake

Urban Society and Social Change
Cohort: 2018


Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Year expecting to graduate: 2019

Featured Courses

Political Power in American Cities (AMSTUD 121Z, POLISCI 121, PUBLPOL 133)
URBANST 111 | Nall, C., Krass, M.
Tuesday Thursday 9:30am - 11:20am
Approaching Research and the Community (CSRE 146A)
URBANST 123 | Hurd, C., Ned, J.
Monday 10:30am - 1:20pm
Introduction to Urban Studies (HISTORY 107)
URBANST 110 | Chan, D., Kahan, M., Frank, Z.
Tuesday Thursday 10:30am - 11:50am
Senior Research in Public Service
URBANST 198 | Hurd, C.
Tuesday 6:30pm - 9:20pm