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2017 Human Cities Expo Table. Photo credit: Michael Kahan

The minor in Urban Studies is designed to introduce students to several disciplinary approaches to the study of cities, and provides the opportunity to explore one of five specialized options.

NOTE: The major (or minor) requirements for the year a student declares, remain the requirements that must be met for graduation. If you have any questions, please consult Student Services Officer.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Urban Studies requires:

  • Completion of seven courses for a letter grade, including:
    • Four core courses,
    • The required course in the student's chosen concentration area, and
    • Two additional courses in the concentration as listed in the "Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies" section of the bulletin.
  • Additionally, courses counted toward the minor cannot be counted toward a major, unless otherwise specified by the department or program.
Sample Course Plan

The following is an example of an acceptable course plan for a specialization in Urban Education:

Class Number Class Title Units
URBANST 110 Introduction to Urban Studies 4
URBANST 112 The Urban Underclass 4
URBANST 113 Introduction to Urban Design: Contemporary Urban Design in Theory and Practice 5
URBANST 114 or ANTHRO 42 Urban Culture in Global Perspective or Megacities 5

EDUC 112*

Urban Education

*required course for Urban Education concentration

HUMBIO 142**

Adolescent Development

**Course selected from approved Urban Education concentration electives


Urban Schools, Social Policy, and the Gentrifying City

**Course selected from approved Urban Education concentration electives

3 - 4


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