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Senior Project

Student presenting at senior colloquium

A senior project is a great way to fit original research into the other demands of senior year.

What is a senior project?

A senior project is an original research paper completed during the fall term of senior year in Urban Studies 203.

Every Urban Studies major is required to complete an original research or synthesis project. Students begin this work in junior year by writing a proposal in Urban Studies 202A, Preparation for Research. They generally work on the project during the spring of junior year or during the summer (often with the support of a grant from Undergraduate Advising and Research). In the fall of senior year they enroll in Urban Studies 203, Senior Seminar. Students typically complete a paper of 20 to 30 pages in that class. Unless a student is continuing on to write an honors thesis or to complete a synthesis project, the paper for 203 completes their senior project. It satisfies the capstone requirement for the major.

Research grants are available from Undergraduate Advising and Research to support senior projects. 

  • The Impacts of New Charter Schools on Existing Public School Classrooms in the East Bay, California (Caitlin Wraith, 2013) (pdf)

  • Improving Vegetable Preferences through Gardening and Cooking Education (Brittany Rymer, 2012) (pdf)

  • Social Media Marketing for Community Foundations: Analyzing Engagement and Determining Best Practices (Dylan Conn, 2013) (pdf)