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Portrait of Dale Hall

Dale Hall

From Orangevale, CA
"Urban Studies classes at Stanford foster a fantastic environment for discussion, innovation, and personal growth."

Portrait of Sungmoon Lim

Sungmoon Lim

From Saint Paul, Minnesota

Why I'm minoring in Urban Studies: Cities are an incredibly important part of our planet, and their influence will only continue to grow as our world becomes more and more urbanized.

Portrait of Jenai Longstaff

Jenai Longstaff

From Tucson, AZ
"As a student of Earth Systems, it is important to me to incorporate the urban sphere (physical, environmental, cultural, and political) into my studies and future work."

Portrait of Luis Ornelas

Luis Ornelas

From Santa Fe, NM

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: Urban Studies combines all
of the positive aspects of the various fields of study that appeal to me--
including history, sociology, and public policy-- into a single discipline

Portrait of Allison Perry

Allison Perry

From Bow, WA
"My career goal is to become an urban/community planner to help create cities that cater to the diverse spectrum of people who live there."

Portrait of Skye Picker

Skye Picker

From East Palo Alto, CA
"Urban Studies at Stanford feels like a family."

Portrait of Olivia Rambo

Olivia Rambo

From Norman, Oklahoma

Portrait of Jacqui Ramos

Jacqui Ramos

From Nashville, TN
"I love how close-knit and accommodating the urban studies community is."

Portrait of Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose

From Chicago, IL

Portrait of Joshua Seawell

Joshua Seawell

From Ogden, Utah

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: Urban Studies provides a great starting point for lifelong public service.

Portrait of Laetitia Walendom

Laetitia Walendom

Only by studying where and how the majority of humans live can we bring urban spaces to their full potential and preserve the indispensable natural entities surrounding them.