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Penelope Edmonds

From New York, NY
Urban Studies provides a unique lens through which we can view cities, their policies, and how they have been socially constructed.

Adam Ellner

From Seattle, WA
I have always been fascinated by cities and the ways in which they function.

Meiko Flynn-Do

From San Jose, CA
I'm majoring in Urban Studies because by studying cities, we can begin to see the conglomeration and complexity of so many parts of humanity, gain insight into the notion of community, and understand the history and challenges of socioeconomic inequality.

Haley Hodge

From Woodside, CA
The moment that I discovered the Urban Studies major I knew it was what I wanted to do considering how perfect of a combination it is of my previously separate interests in architectural design and policy regarding social issues such as mass incarceration and public housing.

Lexi Neilan

From Boston, MA
I decided to minor in Urban Studies to incorporate a more interpersonal and historical approach with my scientific background. I also believe that the future of sustainable development depends on the urban population, and thus studying urban social and political dynamics will help me develop a holistic understanding to the subject.

Matt Nissen

From Los Angeles, CA
I want to explore how people and policy intersect in urban environments. I am especially interested in public policy, community organizations, and advocacy efforts.

Portrait of Olivia Rambo

Olivia Rambo

From Norman, Oklahoma
Urban Studies uses an interdisciplinary approach to discuss solutions to problems we would otherwise accept.

Maxine Stern

From New York City, NY
Urban Studies brings together a wide array of students with varying interests who are all eager to work and learn together.

Erik Strand

From Aurora, IL
I've always loved cities and this program gives me an incredible opportunity to study their designs and functions! Urban Studies combines many of my passions, such as education and criminal justice reform, and provides an excellent platform to examine equity in society.