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Nicole Jackson

From Richmond, VA
"I’m interested in learning how the U.S. government can act as an agent and catalyst to expand Americans’ access to health care coverage and implement insurance market reforms-- especially in urban areas. I’m interested in how the federal government addresses social and economic policies and practices that create barriers to health."

Jenai Longstaff

From Tucson, AZ
"As a student of Earth Systems, it is important to me to incorporate the urban sphere (physical, environmental, cultural, and political) into my studies and future work."

Micaela Suminski

From Philadelphia, PA
"It's the perfect major to study a combination of macro and micro patterns in people, history, politics, and more. I'd like to work in a field of social justice and cities are a hotbed of opportunities to do so."

Laetitia Walendom

Only by studying where and how the majority of humans live can we bring urban spaces to their full potential and preserve the indispensable natural entities surrounding them.