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Justin Brown

From Lanham, MD
I love being able to interact with so many different departments in the university and see how they intersect.

Sara Maurer

From Columbus, OH
"I love how interdisciplinary Urban Studies is, and how supportive the department is of students' interests and growth.'

Stefan N

Stefan Norgaard

From Boulder, CO
I get to learn about complex urban spaces and built form, from the local to the global. Most importantly, in Urban Studies we take this knowledge of urban life and use it to advocate for critical social changes in urban societies around the world.

Jazlyn Patricio-Archer

From Las Vegas, NV
I wanted a nuanced understanding of the ways that people connect. In my experience, that is best illustrated in the experience of cities.

Caroline S

Caroline Scanlon

From Columbia, MD
I'm majoring in Urban Studies because I am especially interested in the design of cities and how it affects the lifestyles of the people that reside in them.

Amy Tomasso

From Farmington, CT
It's gratifying to me to be part of a group of people who genuinely care about making the world a better place, and who are taking strides to do so.

Laetitia Walendom

Only by studying where and how the majority of humans live can we bring urban spaces to their full potential and preserve the indispensable natural entities surrounding them.

Natasha Tamate Weiss

From San Francisco, CA
I never have to question why this work is important or how it applies to real social issues and injustices.