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Photo of Will Anderson

Will Anderson

From Bend, Oregon
I come from a small town in Central Oregon, so driving 3 hours north to the "big" city of Portland was like stepping into another world. I am majoring in Urban Studies to better understand how and why cities develop and what roles we can take on as policy makers to guide this growth in an equitable way.

Photo of Lizzie Avila

Lizzie Avila

From Phoenix, AZ
I'm really passionate about sustainability in cities as well as the roles that urban planners and city governments play in protecting against environmental injustices and ensuring fair sustainability policies for all communities!

Adam Ellner

From Seattle, WA
I have always been fascinated by cities and the ways in which they function.

Elías Galvez-Arango

From Fountain Valley, CA
The Urban Studies major gives me the flexibility to explore the social sciences and humanities while still following a cohesive course of study.

Grace Kelly

From Chicago, IL
I am passionate about social and environmental sustainability, and I believe that within urban spaces, we have a huge opportunity to make impactful, positive change in the world.

Photo of Sarah Kratzer

Sarah Priya Kratzer

From Watts, Los Angeles, CA
When I got to college I asked myself what interested me and the answer was: people! I love Urban Studies as a whole for the opportunity it gave me to put intentional thought into the spaces I occupy and the people with whom I share those spaces.

Merlin MacGillivray

From Cedar Falls, IA
I'm majoring in Urban Studies because the discipline brings many different fields together, endowing its students with a unique way of thinking about social issues. It combines design, history, sociology, literature, and more, to create an understanding of society at one of its most basic levels: human settlement.

Gabrielle Mendoza

I'm minoring in Urban Studies because I love learning about the history and research behind what drives and builds cities. Specifically, coming from a primarily-POC town, surrounded by white cities, I wanted to know the reasons behind this outcome. While this was only my initial curiosity, I learned that I love the size of the classes, as well as the material.

Leila Mengesha

From Seattle, WA
When I discovered Urban Studies as a freshmen, it felt like the perfect intersection of my interests in history, urban inequality, and the physical and social segmentation of space. As an upperclassman, my Urban Studies classes remind me how much I love to learn, especially about the intersection of policy, community action, history, and justice.

Madeleine Morales

From San Diego, CA
I love the major's interdisciplinary approach to studying urban life, including the multiple methodologies it's exposed me to (anthropological, ecological, architectural, historical, sociological, and pedagogical).

Photo of Olivia Szabo

Olivia Szabo

From Newport Beach, CA
I'm majoring in Urban Studies because it groups my academic interests of history, political science, and global health into one major.

Devia Terry

Coming from a major city, I have always been fascinated with the workings of one through education, urban planning and mapping, and the policies in place that shaped them into what we see today.