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Maya Green

Maya Green
Graduation Year

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina 

Pronouns: she/her/hers 

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: Like a lot of people, I was first drawn to Urban Studies because it allowed me to explore all the different things I was interested in without having to quadruple major! I still love how interdisciplinary it is, but I now have a greater appreciation for how many tools the program gives you (policy, history, data, design, etc) to meaningfully engage with the systems, environments, and issues that shape people's lives and livelihoods. It also provides such a wonderful community of thoughtful, creative, and conscientious people!

Favorite class / professor (and why): It's a lottt of reading, but I really enjoyed the Urban Underclass! You cover a lot of ground in ten weeks, and by the end I felt way more knowledgable about how systemic racism was constructed in the United States. Plus, because it's a core class with a heavier workload, there's a lot of majors and minors in it!

Other academics interests (major, minors): Minoring in Education and potentially German Studies! 

Research Interests