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Mariel Camargo

Graduation Year

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Pronouns: She/Her

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: I’m majoring in urban studies because of its interdisciplinary nature and engagement with the community. It is interconnected with geography, environmentalism, health, politics, economy, design, and social aspects of society. Urban studies centers around people and their communities which is very different from other majors across this institution — I truly think this major can make a positive impact in many aspects. 

Favorite class/professor: Urban Agroecology with Patrick Archie

This has been one of my favorite classes because it is a hands-on course where you get to learn the basics about urban farming while also practicing our learned skills on the Farm! We also engage in literature and conversations regarding environmental injustices and lack of access to fresh produce in BIPOC and low-income neighborhoods and how they utilize urban agriculture to gain food sovereignty and resist the oppressive systems fighting against them. Most importantly, for two quarters, you get the privilege to engage, collaborate, and build relationships with an urban farm in the Bay Area. Patrick Archie provides so much support and cares so much about his students and their success. This is definitely a course everyone should take within their Stanford career if they have a chance to take it.

Favorite book (and why): all about love: new visions by bell hooks. Every time I need to feel grounded or re-inspired, I always reach out for this book. Every read brings me a new perspective about life depending on my current circumstances. But most of all, it shows how the revolution for liberation is dependent on love.

Career goal/future plans: In the future, I hope to work on in city planning, helping to build sustainable cities that take into account the various needs of communities.

Other academic interests: Architecture Minor


Research Interests