Martin Bernal: City Manager

Martin Bernal: City Manager
Masters in Public Administration, University of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs, 1990

What I do:

I am the city manager for the City of Santa Cruz.  I oversee the operations of all city departments, with approximately 900 employees.

Why I do it:

Of all the levels of government, municipal government touches everyone on a daily basis, through trail and street maintenance, water and waste water service, police and fire services, parks, libraries, and more. Being able to help elected officials make and implement decisions is the one of the most satisfying aspects of city management.

How I got here:

My interest in architecture led me to land use planning, which in turn led me to city management.

What my Urban Studies major has done for me:

It was through Urban Studies that I discovered how best to bring together two interests, architecture and helping those less fortunate than I, into a career choice.