Skye Talavera

photo of skye talavera
Graduation Year

What I do:

Edtech curriculum development

Why I do it:

We are democratizing college admissions by leveraging technology to support high schoolers with their college applications. It's exciting to develop online tools and a values-based curriculum that will provide expert guidance at an affordable cost.

How I got here:

I began my post-undergrad career in People Ops, working as an HR Information Systems analyst for an IT security company and then as a Recruiting Coordinator for an executive search firm. As I placed candidates in emerging tech companies around the country, I realized I wanted to experience the startup life for myself. I joined WeAdmit as the first full-time employee and have enjoyed combining my love of curriculum and product dev with my passion for education.

What my background in Urban Studies has done for me:

Urban Studies gave me a practical framework for deconstructing systemic inequality and building a more equitable society, which I strive to bring into my work environment, local community, and personal life.


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