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Skye Talavera

Skye Talavera

Portrait of Skye Talavera


Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: Urban Studies is the perfect combination of the social sciences and technical design. We don't just learn about and discuss perpetuating social issues, but we actually take that knowledge and do something about it. Urban Studies in based in theoretical, social understanding but has very practical applications. I feel confident knowing that I will enter the job market not only with a unique, valuable perspective but also with a strong design skill set.

What I like best about Urban Studies: Urban Studies at Stanford feels like a family. Our small size allows for strong relationships between students, staff, and professors. Additionally, the students receive an unbelievable amount of academic and personal support that is unrivaled by any other program or department.

Favorite class / professor (and why): The Urban Underclass with Professor Michael Rosenfeld was my first Urban Studies class and played a big part in my decision to major in Urban Studies. It opened my eyes to the way that underclass societies are no accidents. Unfortunately due to corrupt governments, racism, and other systemic issues, inequality has become a trademark of our cities, and it is up to us urban designers to prioritize advocacy and social change in our work.

Career goal / Future plans: I would love to work for an urban design non-profit or a social enterprise. As of recently, I am considering further studies in Education and possibly pursing a career as a college professor.

Honors Thesis or other research project: I am currently researching the capacity of foreign language departments in middle schools and high schools to provide appropriate instruction for former Spanish-English dual immersion students. My research is being conducted under the guidance of Dr. Guadalupe Vald├ęs in the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Other academic interests (major, minors): Spanish Minor

Extracurriculars: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Student Assistant with Stanford Global Studies and the Iranian Studies Program

Something else you should know about me: I spent a gap year volunteering with children in Costa Rica and Nicaragua before coming to Stanford. This experience led me to become interested in global urbanism and international social change organizations.