Julianne Stern: Affordable Housing Director

Julianne Stern: Affordable Housing Director
MBA & MCRP, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2015

What I do:

Affordable housing developer

Why I do it:

I like to solve hard problems to get to an outcome that means something! I get to work on challenges from persuading planning staff and City Councils, to negotiating complex legal agreements, to managing a construction team.

How I got here:

Worked in urban policy for 4 years, got a planning degree and an MBA, moved to Denver, worked for the City, and met everyone in a small, tight knit affordable housing industry

What my background in Urban Studies has done for me:

See the big picture and think about how what I do impacts and interacts with a slow-to-change built environment. It’s amazing to look at a piece of the built environment that isn’t working and know I have the tools to do something about it!