Cheryl Pruce: Strategy and Organizational Change Consultant

Cheryl Pruce
MA - Sociology
Graduation Year

What I do:

Strategy and Organizational Change Consulting 

Why I do it:

I love helping organizations thrive and reach their goals. 

How I got here:

Since graduating, I have spent time in education policy research, philanthropy, and consulting in Washington, DC. As I grew professionally, I came to learn that one of my strengths is helping organizations make sense of data to drive strategic planning and action. I have enjoyed using both my data and relationship building skills to help school districts, education government agencies, non-profit organizations, and policy advocacy organizations drive towards insights, strategic visions, and actionable pathways to a newly imagined future. 

What my background in Urban Studies has done for me:

My Urban Studies background, along with my background in sociology and education, has helped me understand the interconnectedness of race, class and gender oppression that inhibits equity and justice for all. It has inspired me to be a part of moving or society forward and, though I didn't have these words at the time, was a major moment of awakening in my antiracist learning journey.