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Sarah Garmisa: Public Policy Consultant

Sarah Garmisa: Public Policy Consultant


What you do now, professionally:

Public Policy Consultant (focus: housing/homelessness)

Why you do it (what motivates you, why you find this work interesting or meaningful):

I love working at a social impact consulting firm because I get to learn every single day, like I never left school. I love our public sector clients because together we create systems change to improve conditions for the most vulnerable among us. I love our work because we are social researchers, strategic planners, facilitators, and evaluators, and our work helps public agencies improve delivery for HUMAN service systems.

How you got here:

After my "first job" out of college, I went back to graduate school for an MPP and MBA. I interned at this firm, learned the ropes on the job, and then stuck around.

What your background in Urban Studies has done for you:

Given me a "systems lens" which enables me to work across sectors, disciplines, and methods, and still retain a human-centered approach focus on improving conditions for real people.