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Faculty & Lecturers

Academic Council Faculty

Portrait of Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson

Office: Neukom Bldg, Room N338
Phone: 650 498 1149
Topics of Interest: state and local government, including urban policy, city planning, local democracy, and public finance; local governance of high poverty areas, both urban and rural; and the legal causes of concentrated poverty and fiscal crisis.
Photo of Prof. Asad Asad

Asad Asad

Office: McClatchy Hall, Bldg 120, Rm 230
Topics of Interest: Social Stratification; Migration and Immigrant Incorporation; Race and Ethnicity; Health
Portrait of Dr. Arnetha Ball

Arnetha Ball

Education, African & African American Studies
Topics of Interest: Inner-city Youth; International Comparative Education; Language; Linguistics/Linguistic Human Rights; Literacy; Literacy and Culture; Curriculum and Instruction; Multicultural Education; Diversity; Teacher Education and Certification; Urban Education
Portrait of Eric Bettinger

Eric Bettinger

Economics and Education
Phone: (650) 736-7727
Topics of Interest: Access and Equity; Applied Econometrics; Applied Statistics in Educational Research; Design Experiments; Economics of Education; Education Policy; Evaluation; Higher Education; Research Methods; State and Federal Education Policy.
Photo of Professor Sarah Billington

Sarah Billington

Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Woods Institute for the Environment
Topics of Interest: Impact of building design, materials, and symbols on human wellbeing; Building management systems and impact of built features on community wellbeing; Performance-based durability engineering
Portrait of Bryan Brown
Topics of Interest: Diversity and Identity; Science Education and Access in Urban Communities; Teachers and Teaching
Portrait of Scott Bukatman

Scott Bukatman

Art and Art History
Topics of Interest: Critical Theory and Popular Media; Embodied / Perceptual Experience in Contemporary Culture; Bodily Utopia; Hyperbole in General.
Portrait of Samuel Chiu

Samuel Chiu

Management Science and Engineering
Phone: (650) 723-3674
Topics of Interest: Probabilistic Modeling; Integration of Operations Research Models in Economic Analysis.
Photo of Prof. Clair

Matthew Clair

Office: McClatchy Hall, Blog 120, Rm 134
Topics of Interest: Race and Ethnicity; Inequality; Culture; Criminal Justice; Courts
Portrait of Rebecca Diamond

Rebecca Diamond

Graduate School of Business
Phone: (650) 497-4684
Topics of Interest: Urban Economics; Inequality
Portrait of Paulla Ebron
Topics of Interest: Culture as a Commodity; Memory and History; Feminism / Difference / Performance.
Portrait of Paula Findlen

Paula Findlen

History, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Topics of Interest: Early History of Science and Medicine; Renaissance Italy; Relations among Gender Culture and Knowledge.
Portrait of James Fishkin

James Fishkin

Communication, Political Science
Office: Rm. 350
Office Hours: By Appointment
Phone: 650.723.4611
Topics of Interest: Deliberative Polling
Portrait of Shelley Fishkin

Shelley Fishkin

English, American Studies Program
Topics of Interest: American Studies; Effects of Journalism on American Writers’ Poetry and Fiction; African American Voices on Canonical American literature; Desegregation of American Literary Studies; Feminist Criticism; Public history and Literary History.
Portrait of Charlotte Fonrobert
Topics of Interest: Judaism: Talmudic Literature and Culture; Gender in Jewish Culture; Judaism & Christianity in Late Antiquity; Discourses of Orthodoxy vs. Heresy; Rabbinic Conceptions of Judaism w/respect to Greco-Roman Culture.
Portrait of Richard Ford
Topics of Interest: Civil Rights and Anti-Discrimination Law; Political and Legal Boundaries as Instruments of Social Regulation and Cultural Phenomena; Race and Multiculturalism.
Zephyr Frank headshot

Zephyr Frank

Phone: (650) 723-9520
Topics of Interest: Social History of Brazil; Latin American Economic History; Wealth and Inequality; Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Portrait of Angela Garcia
Topics of Interest: Medical and psychological anthropology; violence, suffering and care; addiction, morality and science; subjectivity; ethnographic writing; Unites States, Mexico.
Portrait of Sharad Goel

Sharad Goel

Management Science and Engineering, Sociology (by courtesy), and Computer Science (by courtesy)
Phone: (607) 339-9903
Topics of Interest: Computational social science
Portrait of David Grusky

David Grusky

Sociology, Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality
Topics of Interest: Stratification; Quantitative Methodology; Race Class and Gender.
Portrait of Thomas Hansen
Topics of Interest: South Asia and Southern Africa; Cities; Political Theory and Continental Philosophy; Psychoanalysis; Comparative Religion; Contemporary Urbanism
Photo of Gabrielle Hecht

Gabrielle Hecht

Department of History
Office: 200-238 and Encina E204
Phone: (650) 725-5369
Topics of Interest: African history and anthropology, science and technology studies, nuclear studies, and French history
Portrait of Allyson Hobbs
Topics of Interest: African American social and cultural history; African American women's history; Twentieth century American history
Portrait of Ian Hodder
Topics of Interest: Archaeological Theory; Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of Europe and the Middle East; Excavations in Turkey; Material Culture.
Topics of Interest: Urban Sociology; Race and Ethnicity; Inequality; and Immigration
Portrait of Miyako Inoue
Topics of Interest: Linguistic Anthropology; Anthropology of Japan.
Portrait of Lochlann S. Jain
Topics of Interest: Design; Injury; Mobility.
Portrait of Rishee Jain

Rishee Jain

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Topics of Interest: Socio-spatial dynamics of commercial building energy usage; data-driven benchmarking; sustainability planning of urban buildings; characterizing the coupled dynamics of urban systems using data science and micro-experimentation.

Tomás Jiménez

Director, Program on Urban Studies, Professor of Sociology
Office: BUILDING 120, ROOM 250B
Phone: (650) 723-3956
Topics of Interest: Immigration; Race and Ethnicity; Inequality; Assimilation; Mexican Americans.
Portrait of Kincho Law

Kincho Law

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: (650) 725-3154
Topics of Interest: Built Environment

Michael Lepech

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Office: Y2E2 Room 285B
Phone: (650) 724-9459
Topics of Interest: Integration of sustainability indicators into engineering design
Portrait of Tanya Luhrmann
Topics of Interest: The mind; Mental experience; Homelessness; psychosis.
image of Ramón Martinez

Ramón Martinez

Graduate School of Education
Topics of Interest: Anthropology and Education Bilingual Education / ESL Cultural Studies Curriculum and Instruction Ethnography Identity Language Language Acquisition Latino Concerns in Education Literacy Literacy and Culture Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RIL

Pamela Matson

Professor, School of Earth Sciences
Phone: 650 725 2566
Topics of Interest: Urban agriculture; sustainability of agricultural systems; vulnerability of particular people and places to climate change; environmental consequences of tropical land use change
McAdam Headshot

Doug McAdam

Office: Bldg. 120, room 144
Phone: (650) 723-9401
Topics of Interest: Collective Action/Social Movements; Comparative and Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Qualitative Methods; Race and Ethnicity
Portrait of Raymond McDermott

Raymond McDermott

Education, Anthropology
Office: CU 327
Phone: (650) 723-1723
Topics of Interest: Human Communication; Organization of School Success and Failure; Various Literacies around the World.
Portrait of Dan McFarland

Dan McFarland

Education, Sociology
Office: CE 419
Phone: (650) 723-1761
Topics of Interest: Organizational Characteristics Schools and Classrooms; Social Networks; Micro-Sociology; Social Dynamics.
Portrait of William McLennan

William McLennan

Office for Religious Life
Topics of Interest: The Interface of Religion Ethics and the Professions.

Jisha Menon

Theater and Performance Studies, Associate Professor
Topics of Interest: religion and secularity, gender and nationalism, cosmopolitanism and globalization. She has published essays on the Indian partition, diasporic feminist theatre, political violence in South Asia, transnational queer theory, and neoliberal urbanism.
Portrait of Ian Morris
Topics of Interest: Ancient Greece; Cultural and Economic History; Excavation Monte Polizzo.
Portrait of Josiah Ober

Josiah Ober

Political Science, Classics, Philosophy
Phone: (650) 724 0868
Topics of Interest: Athenian Democracy; Greek Political Thought; Politics of Knowledge and Innovation; Relationship between Democracy and Inherent Human Capacities.
Portrait of Leonard Ortolano

Leonard Ortolano

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Topics of Interest: Water Resources; Environmental Planning; Implementation of Environmental Policies.

Nicholas T. Ouellette

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: (650) 723-4860
Topics of Interest: The Environmental Complexity Lab studies self-organization in a variety of complex systems, ranging from turbulent fluid flows to granular materials to collective motion in animal groups.
Portrait of Grant Parker

Grant Parker

Office: Building 110 room 105
Phone: (650) 723-0479
Topics of Interest: Latin; Roman imperial culture; ancient travel literature; classical reception
Photo of Professor Pearman
Topics of Interest: Poverty and Inequality

Peggy Phelan

Ann O'Day Maples Professor of the Arts, Professor of English
Office: 460-339, Roble 103A
Phone: (650) 723-2723
Topics of Interest: American and British Literature, Poetry, Drama/Theater, Performance

Walter W. Powell

Education and Sociology
Topics of Interest: Civil Society; Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Urban Life; Higher Education; Leadership and Organization

Ato Quayson

English, Professor
Topics of Interest: African American, Multinational Literatures, Comparative Literature, Transnational Studies, Postcolonial/Third World, African and Postcolonial Literature, Comparative race Studies, Cultural Race Studies, Cultural Studies
Portrait of Sean Reardon

Sean Reardon

Education, Sociology
Phone: (650) 736 8517
Topics of Interest: Causes Patterns and Consequences of Residential and School Segregation; Race/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Achievement Disparities; Neighborhood Influences of Child Development.
Portrait of Rob Reich

Rob Reich

Political Science, Education
Topics of Interest: Contemporary Liberal Theory; Intersection of Political Theory and Educational Theory
Portrait of Jonathan Rodden

Jonathan Rodden

Political Science
Office: 444 Encina Central
Office Hours: Mondays 3-5pm
Phone: (650) 723 5219
Topics of Interest: Comparative political economy of institutions; political geography and electoral districts.

Jonathan Rosa

Education, Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, and, by courtesy, Linguistics
Office: CERAS 425
Office Hours: By appointment
Topics of Interest: Race and racialization; youth socialization; education; semiotics; language ideologies; multilingual and multimodal communication; (im)migration; diaspora; Latina/o identity; U.S. and Latin America

Michael Rosenfeld

Office: Building 120
Phone: (650) 723-3958
Topics of Interest: Race and Ethnicity; Immigration and Assimilation; Quantitative Methods.
Portrait of Walter Scheidel
Topics of Interest: Ancient Social and Economic History; Pre-Modern Historical Demography; Comparative and Interdisciplinary World History.
Portrait of Michael Shanks
Topics of Interest: Deisgn history and research; archaeological theory; heritage studies and archaeologies of the contemporary past; the archaeology of Greco-Roman urbanism; the regional archaeology of the English-Scottish borders.

Forrest Stuart

Associate Professor of Sociology
Topics of Interest: Urban Sociology; Crime and Policing; Culture; Digital Media; Ethnography
Portrait of Jennifer Trimble
Topics of Interest: Art and Archaeology of the Roman Empire; Dynamics of Urban Space.
Portrait of Fred Turner
Topics of Interest: Digital media journalism and the roles played by media in American cultural history.
Portrait of Guadalupe Valdes

Guadalupe Valdes

Phone: (650) 725-1469
Topics of Interest: Bilingual Education / ESL; Educational Equity; Family Issues; Foreign Language Instruction; Hispanic Issues in Education; Immigrant Issues; Language Acquisition; Language Policy; Minorities.
Portrait of Barbara Voss
Topics of Interest: Intersections of Archaeology Anthropology Feminist studies and Critical Race Studies; History of Human Sexuality.
Portrati of Ali Yaycioglu

Ali Yaycioglu

Office: 200-011
Phone: (650) 723-3609
Topics of Interest: Early Modern Europe; Middle East and Central Asia; Transnational, International, and Global History
Portrait of Steve Zipperstein

Steve Zipperstein

Phone: (650) 725-5660
Topics of Interest: Modern Jewish History; History of Zionism; Russian and East European Jewish History; Biography.


Photo of Deland Chan

Deland Chan

Urban Studies
Office: Building 120, Room 160
Phone: (650) 724-6252
Topics of Interest: Equitable and sustainable communities; land use and transportation planning; participatory planning, human-centered design
Portrait of Bryan Coyne

Brian Coyne

Thinking Matters Teaching Fellow
Topics of Interest: Political representation, the debate about responses to climate change, and the politics of urban space and planning.
Portrait of Melanie Edwards

Melanie Edwards

Urban Studies
Office: Building 120
Phone: (650) 924-0140
Topics of Interest: Social Entrepreneurship; Community Based Digital Data Collection; International Management Development and Consulting.
Portrait of Dehan (Danno) Glanz
Topics of Interest: Architecture; Urban Design; Urban Planning; Transit as a Fundamental Means of Transportation.
Michael Kahan portrait.

Michael Kahan

Co-Director, Program on Urban Studies, Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology
Office: Bldg. 120, room 224
Phone: (650) 724-7575
Topics of Interest: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Urban and Social History; Street Life; Urban Space
Portrait of Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann

Patricia Karlin-Neumann

Office for Religious Life, Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Jewish Feminism; Rabbinical Ethics; The Relationship between Religion and Education; Social Justice; Student Mental Health and Well-being.
Topics of Interest: Jennifer LeSar is an expert in community development and real estate finance. She is actively engaged in ensuring quality delivery of services and products to the clients of Estolano LeSar Advisors, as well as the ongoing management of its affiliate, LeSa
Portrait of Larry Litvak
Topics of Interest: Starting and Managing Hybrid Enterprises; Socially Innovative Non-Profits and Businesses.
Photo of Carol McKibben

Carol McKibben

Urban Studies
Phone: (650) 723-3526
Topics of Interest: Community history; Public history; Oral history; Military communities; Race; Gender.

Laura Scher

Working Assets, Urban Studies
Phone: (415) 369-2001
Topics of Interest: Social Entrepreneurship.
Topics of Interest: Urban Planning; Community; City in Literature and Film.
Photo of Joanne Tien

Joanne Tien

Haas Center for Public Service, Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Community-Based Research; Participatory Action Research; Critical Pedagogy; Social Justice Education; and Community Organizing

Mark Wolfe

M. R. Wolfe & Associates, Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Urban Economics; Land Use Law; Environmental Law; Urban Planning

Other Affiliate

John Barton

Architectural Design
Topics of Interest: Architecture; Built Environment; Local Government

Thomas Beischer

Architectural History
Phone: (415) 637-8050
Topics of Interest: Architectural History and Theory; Art.

Claudia Engel

Anthropology, Stanford Libraries
Topics of Interest: The innovative potential of new technologies for teaching and research with a focus on mobile technologies; spatial analysis; and GIS.

Preeti Hehmeyer

Associate Director of The Bill Lane Center for the American West, Lecturer in Public Policy
Phone: (650) 723-1577
Topics of Interest: Advanced policy analysis, design of public institutions, urban and regional policy
Topics of Interest: International History; Global Spatial Relations.
Topics of Interest: Urban ethnography, sociology of science and technology, environmental sociology, family studies, race/class/gender/sexuality, and social theory