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Faculty & Lecturers

Academic Council Faculty

Office: Neukom Bldg, Room N338
Phone: 650 498 1149
Topics of Interest: state and local government, including urban policy, city planning, local democracy, and public finance; local governance of high poverty areas, both urban and rural; and the legal causes of concentrated poverty and fiscal crisis.
Education, African & African American Studies
Topics of Interest: Inner-city Youth; International Comparative Education; Language; Linguistics/Linguistic Human Rights; Literacy; Literacy and Culture; Curriculum and Instruction; Multicultural Education; Diversity; Teacher Education and Certification; Urban Education
Art and Art History
Topics of Interest: Critical Theory and Popular Media; Embodied / Perceptual Experience in Contemporary Culture; Bodily Utopia; Hyperbole in General.
Management Science and Engineering

Phone: (650) 723-3674
Topics of Interest: Probabilistic Modeling; Integration of Operations Research Models in Economic Analysis.
Graduate School of Business

Phone: (650) 497-4684
Topics of Interest: Urban Economics; Inequality
Topics of Interest: Culture as a Commodity; Memory and History; Feminism / Difference / Performance.
History, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Topics of Interest: Early History of Science and Medicine; Renaissance Italy; Relations among Gender Culture and Knowledge.
Communication, Political Science

Office: Rm. 350
Office Hours: By Appointment
Phone: 650.723.4611
Topics of Interest: Deliberative Polling
English, American Studies Program
Topics of Interest: American Studies; Effects of Journalism on American Writers’ Poetry and Fiction; African American Voices on Canonical American literature; Desegregation of American Literary Studies; Feminist Criticism; Public history and Literary History.
Religious Studies
Topics of Interest: Judaism: Talmudic Literature and Culture; Gender in Jewish Culture; Judaism & Christianity in Late Antiquity; Discourses of Orthodoxy vs. Heresy; Rabbinic Conceptions of Judaism w/respect to Greco-Roman Culture.
Topics of Interest: Civil Rights and Anti-Discrimination Law; Political and Legal Boundaries as Instruments of Social Regulation and Cultural Phenomena; Race and Multiculturalism.

Phone: (650) 723-9520
Topics of Interest: Social History of Brazil; Latin American Economic History; Wealth and Inequality; Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Topics of Interest: Medical and psychological anthropology; violence, suffering and care; addiction, morality and science; subjectivity; ethnographic writing; Unites States, Mexico.
Management Science and Engineering, Sociology (by courtesy), and Computer Science (by courtesy)

Phone: (607) 339-9903
Topics of Interest: Computational social science

Phone: (650) 721-1565
Topics of Interest: Access and Equity; Cultural Studies; Educational Equity; Equity and Poverty; Higher Education; History of Education; Minorities; Multiculturalism; Social Theory.
Sociology, Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality
Topics of Interest: Stratification; Quantitative Methodology; Race Class and Gender.
Topics of Interest: South Asia and Southern Africa; Cities; Political Theory and Continental Philosophy; Psychoanalysis; Comparative Religion; Contemporary Urbanism
Topics of Interest: African American social and cultural history; African American women's history; Twentieth century American history
Topics of Interest: Archaeological Theory; Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of Europe and the Middle East; Excavations in Turkey; Material Culture.
Topics of Interest: Linguistic Anthropology; Anthropology of Japan.
Topics of Interest: Design; Injury; Mobility.
Civil and Environmental Engineerin
Topics of Interest: Socio-spatial dynamics of commercial building energy usage; data-driven benchmarking; sustainability planning of urban buildings; characterizing the coupled dynamics of urban systems using data science and micro-experimentation.
Topics of Interest: Immigration; Race and Ethnicity; Inequality; Assimilation; Mexican Americans.

Office: CU 312
Office Hours: By Appointment
Phone: (650) 725-7412
Topics of Interest: Evolved Nature of American Higher Education; School Reform in the United States.
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: (650) 725-3154
Topics of Interest: Built Environment
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Topics of Interest: Virtual Design; Computer Simulation and Modeling of Work Service/Maintenance Work Processes; Organization Design for Projects and Companies; Execution of Global Projects.
Topics of Interest: The mind; Mental experience; Homelessness; psychosis.
Professor, School of Earth Sciences

Phone: 650 725 2566
Topics of Interest: urban agriculture; sustainability of agricultural systems; vulnerability of particular people and places to climate change; environmental consequences of tropical land use chang.

Office: Bldg. 120, room 144
Phone: (650) 723-9401
Topics of Interest: Collective Action/Social Movements; Comparative and Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Qualitative Methods; Race and Ethnicity
Education, Anthropology

Office: CU 327
Phone: (650) 723-1723
Topics of Interest: Human Communication; Organization of School Success and Failure; Various Literacies around the World.
Education, Sociology

Office: CE 419
Phone: (650) 723-1761
Topics of Interest: Organizational Characteristics Schools and Classrooms; Social Networks; Micro-Sociology; Social Dynamics.
Office for Religious Life
Topics of Interest: The Interface of Religion Ethics and the Professions.
Classics, History
Topics of Interest: Ancient Greece; Cultural and Economic History; Excavation Monte Polizzo.
Political Science
Topics of Interest: How policies that manipulate geographic space change American elections; Issue politics; Public policy.
Political Science, Classics, Philosophy

Phone: (650) 724 0868
Topics of Interest: Athenian Democracy; Greek Political Thought; Politics of Knowledge and Innovation; Relationship between Democracy and Inherent Human Capacities.
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Topics of Interest: Water Resources; Environmental Planning; Implementation of Environmental Policies.

Office: Building 110 room 105
Phone: (650) 723-0479
Topics of Interest: Latin; Roman imperial culture; ancient travel literature; classical reception
Education, Sociology

Phone: (650) 736 8517
Topics of Interest: Causes Patterns and Consequences of Residential and School Segregation; Race/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Achievement Disparities; Neighborhood Influences of Child Development.
Political Science, Education
Topics of Interest: Contemporary Liberal Theory; Intersection of Political Theory and Educational Theory
Political Science

Office: 444 Encina Central
Office Hours: Mondays 3-5pm
Phone: (650) 723 5219
Topics of Interest: Comparative political economy of institutions; political geography and electoral districts.

Office: Building 120
Phone: (650) 723-3958
Topics of Interest: Race and Ethnicity; Immigration and Assimilation; Quantitative Methods.
Classics, History
Topics of Interest: Ancient Social and Economic History; Pre-Modern Historical Demography; Comparative and Interdisciplinary World History.
Political Science

Office: 314 Encina West
Office Hours: By Appointment
Phone: (650) 723 3583
Topics of Interest: American Politics; Political Representation; Latino Politics.
Topics of Interest: Deisgn history and research; archaeological theory; heritage studies and archaeologies of the contemporary past; the archaeology of Greco-Roman urbanism; the regional archaeology of the English-Scottish borders.
Topics of Interest: Art and Archaeology of the Roman Empire; Dynamics of Urban Space.
Topics of Interest: Digital media journalism and the roles played by media in American cultural history.

Phone: (650) 725-1469
Topics of Interest: Bilingual Education / ESL; Educational Equity; Family Issues; Foreign Language Instruction; Hispanic Issues in Education; Immigrant Issues; Language Acquisition; Language Policy; Minorities.
Topics of Interest: Intersections of Archaeology Anthropology Feminist studies and Critical Race Studies; History of Human Sexuality.

Office: 200-011
Phone: (650) 723-3609
Topics of Interest: Early Modern Europe; Middle East and Central Asia; Transnational, International, and Global History

Phone: (650) 725-5660
Topics of Interest: Modern Jewish History; History of Zionism; Russian and East European Jewish History; Biography.


Urban Studies

Office: Building 120, Room 160
Phone: (650) 724-6252
Topics of Interest: Urban sustainability; land use and transportation planning; participatory planning; human-centered design
Urban Studies

Office: Building 120
Phone: (650) 924-0140
Topics of Interest: Social Entrepreneurship; Community Based Digital Data Collection; International Management Development and Consulting.
Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Urban planning and management; urban revitalization; politics and public policy; land use policy and growth management.
Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Architecture; Urban Design; Urban Planning; Transit as a Fundamental Means of Transportation.
Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Land Use Control; Urban Environmental Policy.
Urban Studies, Skyship Design
Topics of Interest: Low-carbon development and sustainable communities; renewable energy and energy efficiency; cultural identity and heritage preservation, particularly in East Asia; public design and citizen participation
Haas Center for Public Service, Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Anthropology and education; US-Mexico immigration; School re-segregation; Social movements; Public and activist scholarship; Alternative pedagogies.
Urban Studies

Office: Bldg. 120, room 224
Phone: (650) 724-7575
Topics of Interest: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Urban and Social History; Street Life; Urban Space
Office for Religious Life, Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Jewish Feminism; Rabbinical Ethics; The Relationship between Religion and Education; Social Justice; Student Mental Health and Well-being.
Working Assets, Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Alternative structures for social enterprise; randomized controlled trials for evaluating social policies and election methods; impact investing.
Urban Studies, Kott Planning Consultants, LLC
Topics of Interest: Public Policy; Transit and Transportation Planning.
Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Starting and Managing Hybrid Enterprises; Socially Innovative Non-Profits and Businesses.
Urban Studies

Phone: (650) 723-3526
Topics of Interest: Community history; Public history; Oral history; Military communities; Race; Gender.
Urban Studies, Pre-Collegiate Studies

Phone: (650) 498-4514
Topics of Interest: Community-Based Research, Multi-Cultural Health
Urban Studies, City of Oakland
Topics of Interest: Urban Planning and Policy; Spatial Theory; Landscape History
Working Assets, Urban Studies

Phone: (415) 369-2001
Topics of Interest: Social Entrepreneurship.
Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Urban Planning; Community; City in Literature and Film.
M. R. Wolfe & Associates, Urban Studies
Topics of Interest: Urban Economics; Land Use Law; Environmental Law; Urban Planning

Other Affiliate

Architectural Design
Topics of Interest: Architecture; Built Environment; Local Government
Architectural History

Phone: (415) 637-8050
Topics of Interest: Architectural History and Theory; Art.
Anthropology, Stanford Libraries
Topics of Interest: The innovative potential of new technologies for teaching and research with a focus on mobile technologies; spatial analysis; and GIS.
Topics of Interest: International History; Global Spatial Relations.