Frederic Stout

Frederic Stout
Urban Studies

Fred Stout is the co-author and co-editor (with Michele Marincovich and Jack Prostko) of The Professional Development of Graduate Teaching Assistants (Anker Publishing, 1998) and a contributor to The Encyclopedia of the City and The Encyclopedia of Urban Studies. Stout is co-editor (with Richard LeGates) of The City Reader, a widely cited anthology of contemporary and classic readings in Urban Studies now in its fourth edition from Routledge Press, and of Early Urban Planning 1870-1940, a nine-volume series of writings by seminal urban thinkers such as Ebenezer Howard and Charles Mulford Robinson. Stout holds an M.A. from Harvard, and has taught Urban Studies at Stanford since the 1970s.


Research Interests

Topics of Interest
Urban Planning; Community; City in Literature and Film.