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Marisol Rodriguez

Marisol Rodriguez

Marisol Rodriguez


Pronouns: She/Her

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies:

I have always been extremely proud of being raised in my neighborhood of San Ysidro, California, a tight-knit community of primarily Latino immigrants. However, it wasn't until discovering the Urban Studies program at Stanford that I began to analyze why the hard work of my community was often not matched with proper access to educational, economic, and representational opportunities. Urban Studies courses have allowed me to understand the systemic factors involved in shaping our cities and how reflect on how we can highlight the voices of groups often left underrepresented.

What I like best about Urban Studies:

There are two main things that I appreciate most about Urban Studies. First, I truly value how holistic the program is, from offering hands-on courses that challenge students to design sustainable and welcoming neighborhoods, to reading-intensive courses that unveil the history of systems of inequality and their effect on minority communities. Second, I am truly appreciative of how passionate yet approachable both professors and students are in the program as this has played a huge role in my ability to grow with and learn from their expertise and individual experiences.

Since you are pursuing an honor thesis, tell us about it:

I am very excited to be pursuing an honors thesis! My project consists of studying how the prevalence of highways in border-town neighborhoods impact the social identity of its residents. Mainly, I want to understand how residents in these neighborhoods come to define their understanding of 'community,' and how this might be limited by the spatial boundaries created by the highways. Overall, I am very excited to be conducting a case study in my hometown of San Ysidro, California!

Career goal / Future plans:

I am also planning to major in Political Science (fingers crossed)! I am interested in applying to law school, perhaps focusing in Civil Rights Law. Another consideration running through my mind is becoming involved in local politics.This idea feels far-fetched but I would love to return to serve members of my community.

Fun fact about you:

I am undefeated in Mario Kart and Sequence (for the most part). Also! I love watching scary movies and political talk shows like John Oliver/Trevor Noah.