The program on Urban Studies is delighted to announce our Departmental Research Program. This program provides funding for selected undergraduates to work on faculty-led research projects. Students will receive mentorship and supervision from the faculty member overseeing their project. 

Urban Studies Departmental Research Program 2023

Students will also participate in cohort events with the other student researchers to discuss their ongoing research, build their research skills, and enhance a sense of community. Information about these opportunities will be coming soon. 

Quarters Available:

Winter, Spring, or Summer Quarters.

Winter and Spring Quarters. Part-time projects are available. Part-time projects are expected to occupy approximately 10 hours per week. Check listings below by clicking the heading for the quarter you are interested in.

Summer. Both part-time and full-time projects will be available.

  • Full-time means devoting 35+ hours/week for 10 consecutive weeks, i.e., it is the student's primary activity that quarter.
  • Students with a full time grant cannot receive an additional VPUE part-time grant within the same quarter.
  • Full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant student recipients are not permitted to engage in another full-time internship, job, or volunteer opportunity (whether funded by Stanford or otherwise), unless their faculty mentors or program mentors have approved these arrangements.

Enrollment & Academic Standing

  • Students must be current undergraduates in good standing at Stanford.

  • Students must be enrolled in units while using VPUE grant funding, except during the Summer. 

  • Students may not receive both academic units and a stipend for any single project activity.

  • Co-terms who have not conferred their undergraduate degree and who are still paying undergraduate (not graduate) tuition are eligible for VPUE funding.

  • Students may not be serving a suspension.

  • Students may not be on a Leave of Absence (LOA) while using grant funding. 

  • VPUE does not use a GPA requirement for student eligibility, nor does VPUE encourage the use of GPA as a criterion for inclusion in a research opportunity.


Part-time projects: $1500 per quarter; 10 hours / week.

Full-time projects: $7500 + up to $1500 based on financial need and student qualification. Read more about stipends.


Participating in projects (whether part-time or full-time) does NOT make a student eligible to live on campus. 

Deadline for Spring & Summer Quarter applications: 


For more information, contact Michael Kahan @mkahan [at]