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Featured Student

Nicole Jackson

Urban Society and Social Change
"I’m interested in learning how the U.S. government can act as an agent and catalyst to expand Americans’ access to health care coverage and implement insurance market reforms-- especially in urban areas. I’m interested in how the federal government addresses social and economic policies and practices that create barriers to health."

Featured Courses

California's Minority-Majority Cities (CSRE 260, HISTORY 260)
URBANST 169 | McKibben, C.
Thursday 4:30pm - 7:20pm
Defining Smart Cities: Visions of Urbanism for the 21st Century (CEE 125, CEE 225)
URBANST 174 | Chan, D., Hsu, K., Law, K.
Wednesday 4:30pm - 6:20pm
Utopia and Reality: Introduction to Urban Studies
URBANST 110 | Stout, F.
Monday Wednesday Friday 12:30pm - 1:20pm
Capstone Internship in Urban Studies
URBANST 201A | Chan, D.