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Stefan Norgaard: Graduate Student

Stefan Norgaard: Graduate Student


Why you do it (what motivates you, why you find this work interesting or meaningful):

At the Kennedy School, I am studying how countries' and cities' broad institutional arrangements affect processes and outcomes of equitable development. My academic interests center on multi-sector democratic problem-solving in the realm of urban governance. From public-private partnerships (PPPs) and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), to regional development or planning associations, to partnerships with civic-engagement nonprofits, social movements, and private philanthropic funders, I am interesting in understanding power in urban decision-making across sectors and groups.

How you got here:

After graduating Stanford in 2015, I worked at as a post-graduate Tom Ford Philanthropy Fellow at Ford Foundation for one year, and then in New York City's De Blasio Administration as an NYC Urban Fellow placed at the NYC Department of Transportation.

What your background in Urban Studies has done for you:

Courses taught by Professor Clayton Nall (American Transportation Politics), Michael Rosenfeld (Urban Underclass), Danno Glanz (Urban Design), and Thomas Hansen (Global Urbanism) remain front of mind as I embark on study and practice at the intersection of critical urban theory, politics, power, and development. I remain good friends with many of Urban Studies colleagues as well!