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Sarah Priya Kratzer

Sarah Priya Kratzer

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Pronouns: she/her

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: When I got to college I asked myself what interested me and the answer was: people! I love Urban Studies as a whole for the opportunity it gave me to put intentional thought into the spaces I occupy and the people with whom I share those spaces. I love my concentration for what it's taught me about how race and class and persistent divisions in American society. It's filled me with an empathetic anger for the marginalized in our communities, a great complement to the missional side of my Christian faith.

What I like best about Urban Studies: It's interdisciplinary, it's human-centered, it feeds into so many career pathways. Those things are all true. But what I love most is how FUN Urban Studies is. It's never a slog to think of innovative public housing policy, to walk around Market St. and take pictures of sidewalks, or to watch Massey+Denton and William Julius Wilson tear apart each others' philosophies in their own respective works. It's all meaningful work, and it's all a blast.

Favorite class/professor (and why): SOC 149: The Urban Underclass by Michael Rosenfeld. Excellent lecturer. The reading list might look like death at the start, but you'll learn more than you ever thought you could in a quarter, and if you're like me, the readings will hit you in the heart and cause you to cry when you're in Green Library and SUPPOSED TO BE COMPOSED.

Favorite book (and why): For Urban Studies: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. I read this book in earnest in the summer of 2020 and learned that (1) racism is more deeply embedded in our political and economic systems than I had ever known, (2) what we define as "criminality" is spookily subjective and (3) judges are not impartial.

Of all time: Lamb by Christopher Moore. Who doesn't love a good satire/fiction on the teen years of Christ?

Career goal / Future plans: I think I'll be a primary school teacher! I'd like to specialize in literacy to give students the tools they need to propel themselves forward for the rest of their education! But right after graduating, I'd like to spend a substantial season of my life (2-5 years maybe?) working with the Peace Corps, as a missionary, or doing some other international service.

Honors Thesis or other research project: My synthesis project is called Beyond the Great Commission: An Exploration of Churches as Social Service Organizations within the Non-member Community. I'm interviewing churches in San Francisco to learn more about they are involved in providing non-proselytizing services to the members of their local communities. I hope to know what resources make churches meaningfully involved in the lives of their neighbors, what barriers stand in the way, and what support they'd need to have a more positive impact on the communities in their midst.

Other academic interests (major, minors): Spanish and Education

Extracurriculars: Women's Ultimate Frisbee – Superfly! I dig my goofy, loving teammates and everything we accomplish together (join us!) Various Christian churches and campus fellowships :]