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Santos Hernandez

Santos Hernandez

Portrait of Santos holding a dog.


Why I'm majoring (or minoring) in Urban Studies:

As a former engineering student, I think that the major is a great combination of hard social science skills and applied sociology. I have been fascinated by cities since I was a child, frequently traveling to Detroit to visit my father's neighborhood and family. I hope to do impactful work for underserved communities like those in Detroit and Urban Studies gives me the context and tools to be successful that sector.

What I like best about Urban Studies: The program has an undergraduate focus
so all the teachers really care about what they are teaching and their
students. People in the major also all tend to have a strong sense of justice
and care deeply about the same issues that I do.
Favorite class / professor (and why): URBANST112 - The Urban Underclass:
Every text feels so important to understanding race in American cities and
they also make up the seminal works of the Chicago School. I love urban
sociology, and this class has a ton of classic thought on it. As a bonus,
Michael Rosenfeld is an amazing lecturer and is who inspired me to change to
Urban Studies.
Favorite book (and why): The Road by Cormac McCarthy: I really love the
bluntness of the text and have a really soft spot for the post-apocalyptic
Career goal / Future plans: I hope to one day work in fixing urban education
in this country. I am interested in being a teacher, doing data analysis, or
working for a community organization, but I haven't decided for sure!
Honors Thesis or other research project: Art Synthesis: Culturally Relevant
Pedagogy and the Arts in Bay Area Public Schools
Other academic interests (major, minors): Education, Sociology, Computer
Science, Design, East Asian Studies
Extracurriculars: Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, Cooksey
Skate Club, Synergy
Something else you should know about me: I can hold my breath for a really
long time.