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Ruben Anguiano

Ruben Anguiano

Photo of Ruben Anguiano


Pronouns: He/Him

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies:

I Love Urban Studies. This interdisciplinary major allows me to pursue my interests in community development, neighborhood change, regionalism, and social inequalities. I have the opportunity to take classes in housing, education, environmental justice, public health, art, economics, and so much more. I also have the opportunity to work on real-life projects, engage in a variety of field work, and learn from working professionals. Ultimately, I am majoring in urban studies because I want to keep learning about the inequities in our urban society as well as the ways to address them.

What I like best about Urban Studies:

The people in urban studies are really clutch! Everybody in the program is super passionate, welcoming, and down-to-earth. We are a small but mighty cohort!

Since you are pursuing an honor thesis, tell us about it:

I am pursuing an honors thesis on the self-perceptions of urban planners and how this self-perception impacts the community engagement process.

Career goal / Future plans:

I intend on pursuing a master’s degree in urban and regional planning. I want to be an urban planner and work towards equitable, inclusive, and sustainable neighborhoods while using urban planning as a tool for liberation.

Fun fact about you:

I love pancakes and eating all types of food! I also enjoy gardening!