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Micaela Suminski

Micaela Suminski

Portrait of Micaela Suminski


Why I'm majoring (or minoring) in Urban Studies: It's the perfect major to study a combination of macro and micro patterns in people, history, politics, and more. I'd like to work in a field of social justice and cities are a hotbed of opportunities to do so.

What I like best about Urban Studies: The chance to study race relations and education amid the network of urban priorities like housing, politics, settlement, planning, and more.

Favorite class / professor (and why): Race, Policing, and Mass Incarceration, hosted by H. Samy Alim and Jennifer Eberhardt. The guests (including dream hampton and Talib Kweli!) during this seminar provided a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and direction amid city riots, shootings of unarmed civilians, and national unrest.

Favorite book (and why): The Quiltmaker's Gift--I loved this book as a child.

The message is one of generosity and giving, and the artwork is beautiful to top it off. Also, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

Career goal / Future plans: My dream job is to serve as the Secretary of Education for the United States, a city school chancellor, or the mayor of Philadelphia. (Lofty goals, I know.) Honors Thesis or other research project:

Other academic interests (major, minors): Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Education

Extracurriculars: Stanford Political Journal

Alternative Spring Break Leader


Something else you should know about me: I'm really excited to study in Washington, DC this fall and Cape Town, South Africa this winter!