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Maxine Stern

Maxine Stern


Why I'm majoring (or minoring) in Urban Studies: I am majoring in Urban Studies because seeing as over half of the global population resides in urban areas, I believe it is crucial to understand the benefits and consequences of urbanization and how to maximize the former while minimizing the latter. I am interested in how people act, and interact in urban areas and how the future of urbanization -- as technology becomes more integrated in urban
infrastructure -- will enhance our human experience.

What I like best about Urban Studies: I love the interdisciplinary aspect of the Urban Studies department. As someone who wasn't even considering Urban Studies as a potential major, it combines key fields such as sociology,
political science, anthropology, public policy and architecture/urban planning. As a result, it brings together a wide array of students with varying interests who are all eager to work and learn together.

Favorite class / professor (and why):The Urban Underclass // Michael Rosenfeld This class is so well taught and the reading list (although intimidating and heavy) is amazing! It asks pertinent questions about race, privilege and the role that history plays within modern urban dwelling.

Other academic interests (major, minors): B.S. in Science, Technology & Society (Innovation & Organization Concentration)

Extracurriculars:Stanford Women in Design, Design for America, Financial Manager & Artistic Director of DV8

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