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Kevin Hsu

Kevin Hsu

Portrait of Kevin Hsu
Urban Studies
Skyship Design


Kevin Fan Hsu is Lecturer in Urban Studies at Stanford University, where he co-founded the Human Cities Initiative. He is also an urban scientist with Disney Research, bridging the study of cities with sustainable energy infrastructure, community mobility options, and human-centered design. He is particularly interested in how sustainability maps onto efforts to protect tangible and intangible heritage and promote cultural continuity.

He teaches university courses such as International Urbanization, a comparative exploration of the development of cities; the Defining Smart Cities seminar; a graduate-level course on UN HABITAT III: Bridging Cities and Nations; and a number of design experiences at the

Kevin heads Skyship Design, an educational design studio dedicated to crafting innovative experiences for students. The studio specializes in creating open online courses (MOOCs) with a social mission, including International Women's Health and Human Rights, Stanford’s first MOOC offered in both English and Chinese, and the country of Norway’s first-ever MOOC for a global audience, which highlighted useful strategies for international development.

Kevin earned three degrees, all from Stanford University, in Earth Systems, International Relations, and Civil & Environmental Engineering (with an Atmosphere/Energy specialization). As a frequent contributor on Ketagalan Media, he writes on political and cultural affairs in the Asia Pacific.