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Kate Ham

Kate Ham


Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: I'm passionate about cities, gentrification, and the relationship between government and communities. Urban Studies allows me to explore these topics and more!

What I like best about Urban Studies: The people! Everyone is so passionate, intentional, down-to-earth, and perfect for geeking out about urbanism. Meeting someone from Urban Studies means we are instantly friends. Urban Studies people also understand the value of nontraditional learning (especially outside of the classroom) and focusing on contemporary societal issues.

Favorite book (and why): Evicted by Matthew Desmond - a page-turner that follows the lives of eight families displaced in Milwaukee. It was fascinating to read this while talking to my grandparents, who used to be landlords of a Miami trailer park, to grapple with my views and my family history.

Career goal / Future plans: I'm an aspiring urban planner and hope to work in affordable housing in they Bay Area or NYC.