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Elías Galvez-Arango

Elías Galvez-Arango


Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: The Urban Studies major gives me the flexibility to explore the social sciences and humanities while still following a cohesive course of study.  After coming to Stanford, I realized I wanted to study geography and GIS, but there are no majors and very few courses that focus on this discipline.  However, Urban Studies allows me to study and apply geographic/GIS research methods while also introducing me to courses I would not have taken otherwise.

Other academic interests (major, minors): Civil Engineering, Latin American Studies

Extracurriculars: I am a piccolo player and CPG (upper woodwinds and misc.) section leader in the LSJUMB.

Something else you should know about me: I love making maps for all sorts of different fields and topics.  If you're working research or another project and want some maps to illustrate it, I'd love to work with you!  Contact me via university email if you're interested, or if you just want to talk about cartography.