Andrew Skelton

Andrew Skelton
San Mateo, CA

Pronouns: He/Him

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies:

I really love that Urban Studies is such an interdisciplinary major. I think it gives us the opportunity to understand urban institutions, processes, and environments from a lot of different perspectives and disciplines, which allows us to really tailor our education to fit what we're interested in. I also think it's great that there's a lot of focus on local institutions and communities, because it's given me the tools to think critically about how and where I grew up. I think this is an amazing way to create a framework for how we think about urban equity, because it grounds our learning in real experiences and communities.

What I like best about Urban Studies:

My favorite thing about Urban Studies by far is the other students in the program. I get really excited whenever I get the chance to hang out with or talk to other Urban Studies majors because of how supportive, friendly, and passionate they are. I think students in the program have developed a really wonderful culture of being really supportive of one another, and it makes it a really wonderful experience to be involved with the program.

Career goal / Future plans:

After undergrad I'd like to get a Master's degree in Sociology, and after that I'm interested in doing some sort of work that focuses on equitable urban sustainability. But I also know that plans can change all the time so we'll see where it goes!

Fun fact about you:

I have to get all of my shoes online because most stores don't carry shoes in my size! Also, my hot take is that spicy gushers should be considered in the takis vs. hot cheetos debate


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