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Alesia Montgomery

Alesia Montgomery

Other Affiliate


Alesia Montgomery, with a PhD in Sociology from Berkeley and BA in Political Science from UC Irvine, is the liaison for the Sociology and Psychology Departments and consults and collaborates with qualitative researchers campus-wide. She serves as the Subject Specialist for Sociology, Psychology & Qualitative Data on campus, and her website can be found here.

To further social science research and teaching, Montgomery selects and acquires scholarly publications (print and digital), special collections and archival materials, and quantitative, qualitative and geo-spatial data. Montgomery also designs workshops on the use of mapping and data analysis software in qualitative studies, and provides research and reference services. 

She is available if you have questions about the sociology or psychology collections at Stanford University Libraries both for online and in-person research support. She consults at the Velma Denning Room, the computing facility for Social Science Data and Software (SSDS).