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The Right to the Creative City: Towards Arts of Co-liberation

May 18, 2017 -
6:30pm to 9:00pm
41 Ross Alley, Chinese Culture Center of SF, San Francisco, CA

This event is free and open to the public.

The Right to the Creative City is a series of public discussions exploring the politics of urban futures, co-organized by Andrew Herscher and Johanna Taylor. Drawing on political, aesthetic, and technological perspectives, each discussion brings work on the creative city into relation with struggles for the right to the city.

Towards Arts of Co-liberation asks how do artists engaging with urban communities around issues of displacement, disenfranchisement, and urban development open up prospects for new alliances and solidarities? Can art practices open possibilities for co-liberation? Inspired by the exhibition New Urban Legend: Resistance of Space curated by Ziying Duan at the Chinese Culture Center’s 41 Ross, Towards Arts of Co-liberation will discuss the ways in which art can imagine and construct political relationships across lines of difference. The projects in the exhibition explore urban issues by engaging local communities in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and the Pearl River Delta in China. This discussion will include a set of responses to the exhibition and conversation with the exhibition’s curators and participating artists.  ParticipantsAbby Chen, Artistic Director and Curator, Chinese Culture Center of SFZiying Duan, Assistant Curator, Chinese Culture Center of SFMarci Kwon, Assistant Professor,Art History, Stanford UniversityYongfeng Ma, ArtistWei Leng Tay, CuratorWeston Teruya, ArtistMichelle Wong, Curator

This is the first of two events. For information on the second event, visit The Right to the Creative City: Urban Technopolotics.

Organized in collaboration with Chinese Culture Center of SF. The Right to the Creative City series is organized by Andrew Herscher and Johanna Taylor with support from Stanford Arts Institute, Stanford Urban Studies, Stanford Humanities Center.

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Humanities Center, Stanford Arts, Urban Studies Program
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