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Urban Sustainability

Haley Hodge

The moment that I discovered the Urban Studies major I knew it was what I wanted to do considering how perfect of a combination it is of my previously separate interests in architectural design and policy regarding social issues such as mass incarceration and public housing.

Deland Chan

Deland Chan is the Assistant Director of Urban Studies for Community Based Learning and the Human Cities Initiative at Stanford University. She teaches project-based courses open to undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines that focus on sustainable cities and human-centered design. She serves as the academic adviser for Urban Studies majors in the Urban Sustainability concentration. 

Kevin Hsu

Kevin Fan Hsu is Lecturer in Urban Studies at Stanford University, where he co-founded the Human Cities Initiative. He is also an urban scientist with Disney Research, bridging the study of cities with sustainable energy infrastructure, community mobility options, and human-centered design. He is particularly interested in how sustainability maps onto efforts to protect tangible and intangible heritage and promote cultural continuity.

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