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Urban Sustainability

Grace Kelly

I am passionate about social and environmental sustainability, and I believe that within urban spaces, we have a huge opportunity to make impactful, positive change in the world.

Gabrielle Mendoza

I'm majoring in Urban Studies because I love learning about the history and research behind what drives and builds cities. Specifically, coming from a primarily-POC town, surrounded by white cities, I wanted to know the reasons behind this outcome. While this was only my initial curiosity, I learned that I love the size of the classes, as well as the material.

Haley Hodge

The moment that I discovered the Urban Studies major I knew it was what I wanted to do considering how perfect of a combination it is of my previously separate interests in architectural design and policy regarding social issues such as mass incarceration and public housing.

Deland Chan

Deland Chan is an educator, researcher, and urban planner. Her work aims to bridge the fields of urban studies, sustainability transitions, and human-centered design to understand urbanization pathways and cities as the future home to over two-thirds of humanity. She believes in working across disciplines to find common ground and share expertise.
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