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Urban Society and Social Change

Derek Lee

Why I'm minoring in Urban Studies: As cities are globalizing and becoming more urban, there is a need for us to address the challenges that come with such growth. As a Human Biology major, I am passionate about public health, specifically about creating healthy environments that foster healthy communities. I understand that in order to address such challenges, I need to deepen my understanding of how our cities work.

Michael Kahan

I've been the Associate Director, Acting Director, and now Co-Director of the Program on Urban Studies since the fall of 2003; I'm also a senior lecturer in Sociology. 

I teach both introductory and upper-level courses in Urban Studies, and courses on the history of American cities, including:

Deland Chan

Deland Chan is an educator, researcher, and urban planner. Her work aims to bridge the fields of urban studies, sustainability transitions, and human-centered design to understand urbanization pathways and cities as the future home to over two-thirds of humanity. She believes in working across disciplines to find common ground and share expertise.


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