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Urban Society and Social Change

Nico Ponza

The best part of Urban Studies surrounds the real-world connections. Learning about past successes and failures involved in urban spaces allows me to pick and choose my favorite parts of existing cities while imagining possibilities for future urban spaces.

Derek Lee

Why I'm minoring in Urban Studies: As cities are globalizing and becoming more urban, there is a need for us to address the challenges that come with such growth. As a Human Biology major, I am passionate about public health, specifically about creating healthy environments that foster healthy communities. I understand that in order to address such challenges, I need to deepen my understanding of how our cities work.

Luis Ornelas

Urban Studies combines all of the positive aspects of the various fields of study that appeal to me-- including history, sociology, and public policy-- into a single discipline that when applied to the real world leads us as students to ask important questions about our society.

Nicole Phillips

Why I'm majoring in Urban Studies: I believe American Urban Spaces have to potential to incite real change across the board. I also believe that a large majority of America’s social issues are hyper-present in cities and if we can figure out a way to change the status quo in urban spaces those solutions can be modified for other spaces. This is why I love the major. I'm passionate about the hands-on, real-deal learning that is unique to Urban Studies.



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