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Urban Society and Social Change

Leila Mengesha

When I discovered Urban Studies as a freshmen, it felt like the perfect intersection of my interests in history, urban inequality, and the physical and social segmentation of space. As an upperclassman, my Urban Studies classes remind me how much I love to learn, especially about the intersection of policy, community action, history, and justice.

Kate Ham

I'm passionate about cities, gentrification, and the relationship between government and communities. Urban Studies allows me to explore these topics and more!

Marisol Zarate

Year expecting to graduate: 2019

Concentration in Urban Studies: Urban Society and Social Change Urban Studies is my: major Why I'm majoring (or minoring) in Urban Studies:

Erik Strand

I've always loved cities and this program gives me an incredible opportunity to study their designs and functions! Urban Studies combines many of my passions, such as education and criminal justice reform, and provides an excellent platform to examine equity in society.

Matt Nissen

I want to explore how people and policy intersect in urban environments. I am especially interested in public policy, community organizations, and advocacy efforts.

Meiko Flynn-Do

I'm majoring in Urban Studies because by studying cities, we can begin to see the conglomeration and complexity of so many parts of humanity, gain insight into the notion of community, and understand the history and challenges of socioeconomic inequality.

Lexi Neilan

I decided to minor in Urban Studies to incorporate a more interpersonal and historical approach with my scientific background. I also believe that the future of sustainable development depends on the urban population, and thus studying urban social and political dynamics will help me develop a holistic understanding to the subject.


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