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Cities in Comparative and Historical Perspective

Rebecca Rose

I realized that by minoring in Urban Studies, I could connect my love of urban life to a lot of relevant academic disciplines. Urban Studies is a really important part of my Stanford experience, because it constantly forces me to think outside of the campus bubble about the rapidly changing urban world.

Michael Kahan

I've been the Associate Director of the Program on Urban Studies since the fall of 2003; I'm also a senior lecturer in Sociology. 

I teach both introductory and upper-level courses in Urban Studies, and I teach courses on the history of American cities, including:

Kevin Hsu

Kevin Fan Hsu is Lecturer in Urban Studies at Stanford University, where he co-founded the Human Cities Initiative. He is also an urban scientist with Disney Research, bridging the study of cities with sustainable energy infrastructure, community mobility options, and human-centered design. He is particularly interested in how sustainability maps onto efforts to protect tangible and intangible heritage and promote cultural continuity.

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