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Double Major

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Urban Studies majors complete double majors and secondary majors in a number of fields.  In recent years, the most common have been Art, Comparative Literature, Economics, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Iberian Languages and Cultures.

Double Major Options

Stanford offers several options for students who find their interests fall in more than one department or program.  For more information consult the registrar.

  • Double (or Multiple) Major: You must fulfill the requirements for both majors without any course applying to both.  The only exception is courses that constitute “introductory skill requirements,” such as introductory math or a foreign language, which are not usually applicable in Urban Studies.  In other words, courses may NOT be double-counted in the case of a double major.  Both majors appear on your diploma.
  • Secondary Major: In the case of a secondary major, you must fulfill the requirements for both majors, and you MAY double-count courses.  Urban Studies majors may find this most practical with departments that have substantial course offerings in Urban Studies concentrations, such as Anthropology, History, Political Science, or Sociology.  Secondary majors are noted on the transcript, but not on the diploma.

Declaring a Double Major

To declare a multiple major, you must complete a form showing which course counts toward which major, and demonstrating that there are no overlaps.  This form must be approved by both departments, and submitted to the Registrar’s office by the deadline to apply to graduate in the term you wish to graduate.

Have a question about how a double-major might fit with your Urban Studies interests?  Talk to a faculty advisor.