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Coterminal Masters

Students in Urban Design class

Can I Co-term?

Urban Studies at Stanford is strictly an undergraduate program; we do not offer a co-terminal masters, or any other kind of advanced degree.

However, students who major in Urban Studies can obtain co-terminal degrees in other departments and schools on campus.  Urban Studies majors have completed coterminal programs in a number of University departments, including the departments of Civil and Environmental EngineeringCommunication, Sociology, and the School of Education.

Information and applications for coterm programs are available at Undergraduate Advising and Research in Sweet Hall. During the beginning of junior year, students interested in "coterming" should discuss program options with their Urban Studies advisor.

See the Registrar’s Office for information on coterming, including rules and application forms.

Have a question about how a coterm might fit with your Urban Studies interests?  Talk to a faculty advisor.